This is when 5G network will roll out in Nigeria

Just few weeks ago, a lot of Nigerians expressed their pain about the epileptic slow motion network in some locations in the country and now Nigeria is ready to rollout 5G network come 2020.

NCC chairman said while the country works to perfect 3G and 4G, “we shouldn’t be left behind, as other countries are already in tune with 5G. We must also make efforts to get ourselves ready for the next generation network.”

5g network

The country has earmarked three spectrum bands 26 GHz, 38GHz and 42GHz bands for trial in Lagos and other parts of the country. That was also as the umbrella body of Global System for Mobile communications companies, GSM Association, GSMA highlighted modalities that would help the country achieve a robust 5G platform by 2020.

The Head of sub-Saharan Africa, GSMA, Akinwale Good luck, said there is nothing stopping Nigeria from meeting up with 5G standards.

All that is needed, according to him is to improve her infrastructure and enthrone good policies.

Beginning from 2019 we should start seeing 5G smartphones, and 2020 Nigeria will other countries to roll out 5G network.


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22 thoughts on “This is when 5G network will roll out in Nigeria”

  1. Saw this b4, some locations are still struggling with edge…
    The question should be “are we ready for 5G” rather…
    2020 is around the corner, we are already in 2019.. How many Nigerians users are flexing the 4G sef gan… Abegi

  2. This is Good news. But this will make me to change my mind wit my future dream phone. How I wish Samsung note9 has the 5g already . I may wait to have 5g phone.

  3. We need to perfect our 3G and 4G services direct that are currently like glorified 2G internet service. It took me over 1hr to download an Android 9.0 based custom Rom of about 557mb size for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 this morning with so called Glo 4G LTE internet

  4. They should perfect one before jumping to the other. I believe all this talk is just for international acclamation purposes so if one searches on Google, “countries with 5G network”, Nigeria will be included. These guys sha ?

  5. When are they launching 6G too.
    Currently struggling to get a constant 1mb per seconds download on 4G. Now we are talking about 5G.
    What are we getting right in this country?

  6. I hope we are not jumping above our head. Why not perfect the 4G in some cities first, cross-check their profitability before shipping out 5G in cities where demand for 4G is high. Difference in the price regime of 4G and 3G data also need to be resolved ASAP before we run into another contestable overcharging. Even this 4G that we are talking about is not ubiquitous. Many towns in southwest do not even have 3G yet. And we want to jump to 5G. I h


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