While we’re still waiting for 5G, LG commences plans for 6G technology

It will interest you to know that LG has started putting plans in place to prepare for 6G technology even though we are yet to see any 5G smartphone. Perhaps thus might help revive her drowning mobile market.

LG, this week, announced the opening of a dedicated  6G research centre to ‘lead in next-generation mobile telecommunications, located in the Yuseong District of Daejeon, South Korea.

LG Electronics said it will use the institute’s personnel and infrastructure to preemptively secure technology for 6G.

“We want to secure core technologies for sixth generation wireless network ahead of time,” the company said.

LG estimates that it will take up to 10 years before a transition from 5G to 6G could happen but it wants to “prepare for the future industry”.

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18 thoughts on “While we’re still waiting for 5G, LG commences plans for 6G technology”

  1. it’s good, at least they shouldn’t phase out from being relevant in every sector. they should stay dominant in one or two necessary places.

  2. You guys should just leave me alone what’s all this self I never fit to buy 4g phone talkless of 5g now na 6g matter wan go on.

  3. Oh mine are you what are you saying, its amazing, their research team are ahead of the present time, that’s very wonderful. We are in the world of 5G and they are having research for 6G.


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