[Infographic] Countries with The Cheapest Data Plan – N27000 for 1GB

This is an article culled from Forbes and it really shows the country with the highest and cheapest data cost around the world.

Do this, calculate how many Gigs of data you’ve used from January till date, convert the equivalent to cash and tell us how much it is.

According to Forbes, For smartphone users fond of heavy streaming, mobile data doesn’t always come cheap. In fact, the cost of a gigabyte of mobile data varies hugely between countries.

Cheapest data plan by country
While a gigabyte of data would set Italian smartphone users back $1.73, the same amount would cost $2.99 in France, $6.66 in the United Kingdom and $6.96 in Germany. Costs are even higher in North America where they average $12.02 in Canada and $12.38 in the United States.

UK-based price comparison website cable.co.uk recently released an extensive analysis of mobile data pricing across the globe which focused on 6,313 data plans across 230 countries. India was named the cheapest country for one gigabyte of data with the average cost in U.S. dollars only coming to $0.26. Kyrgyzstan came second with $0.27 while Kazakhstan rounded off the top-three with $0.49.

Zimbabwe is the most expensive country for data where a gigabyte averages $75.20, 289 times as much as in India. The following infographic provides an overview of pricing in 15 selected countries with noticeable differences immediately apparent in Europe.

Taking a look at Nigeria, you can see that we still have a reasonable cheap internet compare to the developed countries. I GB in Zimbabwe cost roughly N27,000; and here some of you are complaining that data is expensive.

Would you please give our Telecom provider accolades for giving us cheap data plans…

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19 thoughts on “[Infographic] Countries with The Cheapest Data Plan – N27000 for 1GB”

  1. At least we can rejoice but my favourite network provider, 9mobile does not offer cheap data except the 1gb #200 X72hrs plan

    • They might not be that expensive in the countries themselves and you didn’t factor the nature of their services that come with unlimited text and talk time.

  2. You guys are talking speed and development of economy, you guys never see anything good in our country Nigeria, atleast we should appreciate what we have , I want to ask a question is Zimbabwe more developed than Nigeria or does it has a more stable economy than Nigeria? Atleast before we comment, we should think first.
    God bless Nigeria, we are going forward no matter what, Nigeria will be great again

  3. Zimbabwe’s currency is Euro. 1 Euro = 1.12 dollar. If you do the math, you will discover that 1GB there is 66.87 Euro. So data is expensive in Nigeria when compared to Zimbabwe.

  4. I don’t think proper investigation for done, or maybe their just been biased. Which internet service provider still offer low data sized bundles like 1GB/amount plan in the US? It’s mainly unlimited data plans they offer for a specific period of time.

  5. So Nigeria price is still ok compare to the rest of world ? ?
    But we always thought maybe our internet is the most expensive around the world ?

  6. Thanks prof for the info which surely eluded us all in here.
    I won’t disagree with our priviledges in data pricing. But which data did they use to come to this pricing in Nigeria? Roughly 800 Naira for the Gigabyte here in Nigeria this year all telcos wish they could triple our tariff plans? 1000 is more like it.
    I wonder if everyone is rich in Zimbabwe or they have all forsaken the use of the net? What agony those citizens might live in, NCC you guys rock jhor!!!


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