Too bad, Fero Mobile is Shutting Down Operations in Nigeria

It is no longer news that the harsh economic condition in Africa is affecting various businesses… Just like we saw the rise and fall of Sony Mobile, DealDey, Zoto, and OLX among others.

InnJoo Mobile did not only shut down but went under the radar, abandoned all their social media handle with no any iota of hope of returning to the mobile market.

Fero Mobile
Fero iris

This time around, our beloved Fero Mobile is shutting down operations in Nigeria. Less than two years after it debuts its mobile phones in Nigeria, Fero Mobile has closed shop in Nigeria. People familiar with the matter said the company cited ‘harsh’ economic conditions for its closure.

A source close to the parent company of the brand, Midcom Group, reacted by telling us that “The company has packed up its Nigerian operations. A memo to this effect was passed to all staff last week and we all are in the know about this, although it is a painful but we have to move on.”

When further asked what really was the contention in the withdrawal from the Nigerian market, after hitting it big.. he said “We managed our Nigerian operations well but I think it wasn’t a market friendly atmosphere. We had challenges bothering on market bad debts by major retailers.”

Market analysts said there are over 30 mobile phone brands in the Nigerian market but just about 10 of them have the majority of the entire market share with pricing and promotions used to drive sales.

This is the end of Fero Mobile… too bad!

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27 thoughts on “Too bad, Fero Mobile is Shutting Down Operations in Nigeria”

  1. Things fall apart for them… Even for Nigerians that we are, our economic conditions are not also favourable with most of us

  2. I wish them safe journey
    But why all of this company are putting everything on the hardship
    The hardship is on ground before they arrived Africa,
    Even in the western world companies are closing down, but if it happen in Africa they will tag it something else, so many companies are flourishing here than what they make in other countries.
    I Know my fellow Nigeria will start condemning there country as company has never bankrupt in USA.
    Black man dont cherish what they have

  3. hello prof. I need your advice, am a corper serving here in lagos. I have a budget of 70k for a London used iPhone 6s plus, but am contemplating on buying brand new android phone of 50-55k to save cost, which android phone do think that could match iPhone 6s+ in terms of spec and durability?

  4. They should leave with immediate speed bcos nobody likelikes that name Pharaoh or Fero in short my advice to them is they should take there product to egypt since that is were the name originated they only corrupted it to Ferononsense instead of Pharaoh ?

  5. The Fero Royale A1 Pro I bought, the screen condemned but right now, it is dumped right in there cuz the parts ain’t made available even when the products were still on board here.. that really hurts.


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