WhatsApp Update: Group Privacy Blacklist Feature Coming

This is also one of the most anticipated features expected from WhatsApp chat messenger, and now it is in development.

According to the latest report, WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature called Group Blacklist. With the new feature still in works, users could choose who can add him/her to groups.

This option allows you to blacklist certain contacts from inviting you to groups while still allowing group invites from trusted sources.

The Group Privacy Blacklist function replaces a previous option which prevented all users from automatically inviting you to groups with a new setting named “My contacts except…”.

In cases where group invites are blocked, users will be prompted to send you a private invitation through the individual chat, giving you the chance to join the group.

Although, the feature is currently being rolled out to some beta users on Android and iOS, no official date when it will be fully rolled out to all WhatsApp users.

Earlier in March, WhatsApp announced in a blogpost to roll out new Group Privacy Settings. It was rolled out partially to some regions but not all region.

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