Forget Your GOtv, DStv, ShowMax, Download This App, Watch Live bEIN Sports, MBC Channels, more

It is no longer news that you have lots of TV apps where you can watch live football, some we have shared with you on this blog ranging from WATCHED, OnAirtTV, and some other IPTV apps.

But I’ll like to share with you Yacine TV, an Internet TV application that offers you French and Arabic tv channels directly on your mobile phone.

Internet tv

You will able to enjoy many more TV channels including entertainment channels, news channels, cartoon channels, sports channels. You’ll have access to all bEIN sports, bEIN movies, MBC Action, MBC Movies, and even kiddies channels for your children.

Yacine tv

Yacine TV Feature

  • It is very user friendly. You can use it easily.
  • You will find lots of open and encrypted channels.
  • Find many important sports channels here, like bEIN sports channels including the BBC Sprouts. You don’t have to miss any match. You can enjoy your favorite international or local tournaments from anywhere through this app.
  • Its video quality is very well, and the biggest thing is that this app supports almost all Android phones.

With this app, you will find cartoons, general channels, and most sports. There are quite a few channels where you can watch football. It also includes an option to check the daily game schedule.

Minimum Requirements

For now, the app is only available for Android users with minimum OS Android 4.0

Enable installations from unknown sources from your smartphone settings>>Application

Where to Download Yacine TV App

You can download it from here | here

The only thing you are going to need is the OXYGEN called Data. Once you have it, you can watch and stream your favorite channels endlessly.

Let us know if you are using it already using the comment.

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16 thoughts on “Forget Your GOtv, DStv, ShowMax, Download This App, Watch Live bEIN Sports, MBC Channels, more”

  1. Thanks mr yomi. Been looking for a credible app since. Also use showmax but sometimes to sub for showmax then still sub for data eeehn. Thanks mr yomi

  2. Yomiprof, thanks so much for this app. You brought it at the right time. This is because WATCHED tv app is nolonger free. WATCHED now charge about 12thousand plus per year. I never knew I would get another free live streaming tv app. I almost thought DSTV has started blocking them. May God continue to reward you. Amen!

  3. (hesgaol. com) is d best for sport lover. on android or windows low data consumption like 550mb to 600mb maximum for full match. make sure u take care app running dat consuming ur data from back ground in ur android so dat, u dont waste data. As for windows if u are using windows 10, go to search on ur screen an type service den enter den enter again scroll down an look for windows update stop it den close so date windows will not consuming ur data. connect ur data, 700mb for full match.


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