MTN Got Frustrated, Stop Android One Data Plan

So MTN got frustrated and thus, decided to stop Android ONE
data plan which goes for 1GB for N500. Who is to blame, the people or the
Telecom? Obviously a lot of people has confiscated the Android one IMEI even
though they are not using Hot2.

I as a person won’t blame the people for tweaking but I
blame the telecom industry for not giving her customers affordable data plan
that can last. Its sad and a pity, the moment you send A1 to 131, this is the
message you will get…
Sorry, in adherence to regulatory requirements, the Android
one bundle has been withdrawn. Please Dial *123*3# or *123*4# for other
exciting offers. Thank you!

Don’t even to bother to send A1 to 131 again cos you’ll be
I’m of the opinion MTN should introduce timely based data
plan perhaps this will save a lot of people ass in downloading. Not just that
but iOS users should equally be consider.
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7 thoughts on “MTN Got Frustrated, Stop Android One Data Plan”

  1. All this networks are fools. Why can't them give android phones the same data subscription as of BlackBerry. Is it not the same data, and at the same price? . What's their business if i decided to use my data with any device of my choice?

  2. Yes. I strongly support time-based downloading plan. Like one hour unlimited downloads for say N100 or N200. Etisalat briefly dabbled into it(5 minutes for N15, which equals one hour for N180) but I dont know why they stopped cos I really enjoyed the plan.


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