Rejected by Adsense? Don’t Panic – Get it For Just N12,000

Blogging is sweet only when you are getting returns from it or you have passion from it. I know lots of people have been trying to get Google AdSense approve for a very long time, some even abandoned their blog because they don’t have approved AdSense account. This can be so annoying after investing your time,
energy and resources into your blog, you apply for AdSense and the reply you get from them after 2 days is “insufficient content”, or web page doesn’t comply with adsense policy.

Well, their is an alternative for you. You can get a non hosted Adsense account for N12,000. This is going to be on first come first serve bases. I can tell you that even the N12,000 you are getting is nothing compared to the amount you’ll make monthly.

If I’ve reviewed your blog before, but you are not Adsense approved and you want to go for this offer, kindly drop a comment via the comment form and I’ll communicate with you from their. Otherwise send me a mail at yomiprof at gmail dot com

Note: The person involve is not a scammer… I’ll act as a middle man and the Adsense account will be delivered to you on payment confirmation.

It’s time you monetize your blog and start making hell of money from your blogging career.

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30 thoughts on “Rejected by Adsense? Don’t Panic – Get it For Just N12,000”

    • AdQuet is genunie but their earning is very very low. It's just like when one is repeating class over and over again. I'd one of thier ads on my mobile site for the past one month but I haven't earn up to N3,000 which is so embracing. i don't know how much others earn from them but from my ends, its very poor.

      You can try bidvertiser or chitika only that pop up ads can drive away your readers

  1. Good move Yomi! Pls will the adsense sold with a blog or I need to develop my blog first? Pls reply me urgently I am so much interested


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