How to Fix Airtel BIS Subscription Not Working on Android Phones

Hello guys, sorry I’m getting to this late but I had to take
my time to be sure what was actually wrong with Airtel Bis subscription not
working on most devices. A lot of you have been complaining lately that you can
no longer use your Airtel Blackberry Subscription on Android despite the facts
that you changed your IMEI to BB imei. Some of you even get not compatible
While some people are still rocking it, some of you claimed
that it is because they are yet to exhaust their current data which I can confirm
as false. I just subscribed few days ago again and it is perfectly working on
my device. It is not blocked at all.

I was able to figure it out. Unfortunately, those who
subscribe to Airtel 2GB for N200 are majorly the one facing this Blackberry
issue. Once you’ve subscribe for that package before on that sim, you may not
be able to use Airtel Bis on your device again except you totally unsubscribe.
I’m aware that some of you have even unsubscribe but you
still can’t use it. The truth is, I’ll advice you to get another sim if
I’m currently using BBQ5 IMEI on my Android device with
Airtel BIS subscription, so instead of you to just allow your 3GB waste away,
make sure you completely opt out of that Airtel 2GB for N200 an if possible use
BBQ5 IMEI and then you are good to go.
If you are still using this package, kindly let us know your

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47 thoughts on “How to Fix Airtel BIS Subscription Not Working on Android Phones”

  1. 1st to comment.
    Am soo happy.

    Am facinng same issh…, but am waiting till when my 2G N500 tenure lapses; though ive optout, but the MB is still there and useAble.
    Last time I called Airtel cust. Agent, i was told i will need to wait till when it expires b4 I can have the 2G data plan remainings wiped off off my sim.
    And also, noticed I receive a text from Airtel welcoming me to the BB10 device..; which state "AM USING BB10 Device".., whereAs tis Android tweaked to a bb10 imei i was and using.
    I have dis strong believe that the BIS will start working when the 2 data have expire.

  2. Gud evening Yomi Prof, plz can dis AIRTEL BIS WORK on BB10 DEVICES ?? Any oda SETTINGS lik APN or jst SUBSCRIBE & start USING it on any BB10 DEVICE ????

  3. Oga yomi pls i have looked for means of changing the imea of my samsung but to no avail. I need help pls so as to enjoy this airtel. My phone is rooted. I'm using samsung G7102 galaxy grand 2

    • Hello Cyprian,
      So long it is Samsung, the only solution to changing your imei successfully is to use octupus box or Z3X box. Go to computer village and they'll do it for you.

      You can't use the normal method to do that.

  4. Hello prince,
    It's not all about its xpiry but u must completely unsubscribe or else na malware be dat oo.

    Tweak th last 4digits of this q5 imei 356969052569

  5. Do i need to subscribe the airtel bb plan in a blackberry os 10 phone before i put tge sim in the android phone?

  6. Its a new sim.
    For those pf us that are finding it difficult to get the bb10 imei number, just search for GIP IMEI changer, then use the imei number that was posted by prof i.e "35676005" to generate bb10 imei numbers. I just tried it out and checked their validity, all the imei i generated were valid. You can try. Just said i should contribute in my little way.

  7. Plz how can I run it imei with the setting on my H7 so DAT I can be browse with BIS package on my Android GLO or airtels.

    • Hello TK,
      If you do not completely opt out of that plan, you won't be able to use BlackBerry sub on that sim again. It's either u opt out completely or get a new sim


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