What Happened to ntel… or Have They Given up?

When we first heard about Ntel 4G LTE network in March, we
all rushed to reserve 0804 unique number not knowing that it’s just initial
gra-gra… Went live in April 2016 and they promised to atleast begin from Lagos,
Abuja and Port-Harcourt followed by other states. 

But right now, it seems Ntel has forgotten about other
cities in Nigeria they promised to launch their services. Is it that the market
is too hot for them or facilities to carry out the projects are not yet
We were told by one of their top representative’s way back
in June the followings;
1. Ntel is looking to lunch before the end of July,
in Port Harcourt.
2. The communication infrastructure is currently being deployed, as they
were brought into two not too long ago.

3. About 200 sites will be deployed in PH, same amount in Abuja and
about 400 already in Lagos.
4. Once they are live in Port Harcourt, list of places where you can get
ntel sims will be publish.
5. They are working with some companies, to provide cheap 4G phones,
seeing most are quite expensive.

6. Places like Bonny, Onne will also be live. The offshore guys won’t be
left out.

October has ended already, we haven’t’ heard anything from
ntel; no comment, no notice and they claim they are the Oga. Please Oga of
For now their network is only available in Lagos and Abuja. Other
places are left in the shadows. Has ntel given up on other states in Nigeria?
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16 thoughts on “What Happened to ntel… or Have They Given up?”

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  2. I think They are not making much money to spray their network faster. because the system of their subscription and the type of their network . The sim is just for browsing u can't make call except u buy their own volte phone and that's very bad idea. They are not serious

  3. am an ebay guru
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