Best Cheapest Data Plan For Android, iOS, PC &Blackberry Users in March 2017

For Blackberry OS 7 users, your device life
span hasn’t completely come to an outer end but Airtel is still helping you
keep hope Alive. Yes Blackberry subscription still works perfectly on
Blackberry OS 7 device  but limited only
to Airtel Network. Dial *141# to activate BB Plan for your device.

For Heavy Night Crawlers
Couples of days ago, Etisalat launched their
own Night plan for night crawlers but something seems to be absolutely hidden
about it and only those who have tried this can testify to it. The pack said
N50 for 250MB but I was able to use upto 500MB before retiring for night few
days ago. I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this but you can give it
a shot… 
How to Activate it?
1. Migrate
to Easycliq tariff plan by dialing *244*1#
2. Make sure you have minimum airtime balance of N50
3. Dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for N50 (12:00am- 5:00am)
Keep smiling if you are able to use more than
the 250MB data cap.
>>MTN Night Plan still rocks but it gives you
500MB for N25. With N100, you can get upto 2GB for that night alone.
Send Night to 131 to activate the plan. Usable
Between 12:00am to 4:00am
>>Airtel: for the newly introduced Airtel subscribers,
this package will suit you to the fullest
Airtel Repackaged SmartTrybe is a
youth-centric offering that offers pocket-friendly call and data rates as well
as irresistible freebies to customers.

According to Airtel, the
repackaged Smart Trybe gives 11k/sec rate to all networks in Nigeria and
cheapest cost of data bundle.
Under the hood, you can find these 3 major
» Trybe Special Data: cheap data bundle
and call rates which gives  you 1GB of
data for N500 and it will last you for one week (7 days).
» Trybe Night Browsing:  You can
get 500MB data for N25(12:00am – 5:00am),1.5GB for N200 (12:00am-5am), and the
good aspect is that you can subscribe over and over again.
» Trybe Weekend:  Airtel  SmartTryBe Weekend customers enjoy 250 MB
with free 30Min calls to all Airtel numbers for just N200.
How Can I Opt-in?
Dial *312# to opt in for this package.
If you are a heavy downloader or heavy internet user, you can simply utilize this
For Normal Internet Users
1. Glo: Glo still remain one of the network that gives you more data
for lesser amount compared to other networks only that in most locations, Glo
network can be abysmal.
Dial *777# to choose the plan that suites you.
2. MTN: Mtn on the other hand has been experiencing poor network in
some locations lately, I don’t if it has anything to do with Xenophobia attack
but their data plans hasn’t change a bit.
Dial *131# to choose the data plan that suites you.
3. Airtel: Same thing applies to Airtel NG. Dial *141# and choose the
package that suits you.
However, I’ll still recommend you get your data from third party
resellers because they offer you something cheaper and better compared to what
our network offers you. 
For Etisalat, you can get
1GB for N700 
1.5GB for N900
2GB for N1200
2.5GB for N1600
3.5GB for N2000
5GB for N2500 
10gb. For N4500
For MTN, you can get
1GB for N600
1.5GB for 875
2GB for N1200
3GB for N1600
3.5GB for N1800
4GB for N2000
5GB for N2700
And for Airtel, you can get
1GB  for
1.5GB for N 900
3.5GB for N1800
7GB. for N3150
9GB for N4000
It doesn’t zap, compared to the airtel conventional package.

Free Internet Users:
For those of you staying in Lagos, Don Jazzy just launched a free
wifi services in Lagos, if you are around this locations, you can surf,
download or do anyhow for free on the net. See details here
If you are using Airtel Sim, you can load this airtime, note that
it expires today… MTN, Etisalat and Glo users, make una no vez.
3026 55501481 8293
31487697 4007 9654
3859 9145 9024 1868
3012 5514 0936 2886
367413 54 533928 73
3567 6892 2632 8483
35039327 0731 1310
3044 3727 67596041
38294457 4903 0800
3484 9589 9801 2485
3507 86261456 4446
3315 1582 6796 2437
3440 8207 451987 05
3952 4547 4028 5319
3463 9787 4926 4912
3601 4777 4831 4334
3640 7170 259369 79
3708 5123 2960 1994
336209 100613 9777
3845 291039 032414
30233583 76565045
3656 0795 4709 1153
3938 66088133 6887
3950 6547 425056 94
3181 8740 1664 8397
3507 5962 7093 2694
3587 6515 793969 86
3507 1975 5272 5866
3217 36290326 9317
3678 3557 4643 0729
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  1. When last did you try the airtel midnight plan? Cos the last time I use it I was unable to subscribe again using the same Sim.. Had to wit for another day to subcribe for the #25 plan again…

  2. Unbelievable, all the card says used and not even 1 person that says thank you for the cards, na wa ooo, try and be great full when ever we get sonthing mist especially something given to us freely without any conditions attached to it.

  3. Pls oga yomi
    >>MTN Night Plan still rocks but it gives you 500MB for N25. With N100, you can get upto 2GB for that night alone. How can we be able to use up to 2gb for one night


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