Can Your Smartphone Survive This Drop Test?

Is your smartphone rugged, dogged or strong enough to survive this test? Or any attempt to try it will kiss your device goodbye?
Nomu S30 is a certified rugged smartphone that is dust-proof, shockproof, scratch proof. it’s not only tough enough to land on the ground from different heights of stairs, but also tough enough to survive from 1.2 meters high. If you are the type of person that is careless about smartphones, you don’t need to worry; this device can even survive inside hot pot of pepper soup.
The NOMU S30 has support for NFC, OTG and Glove mode plus waterproof Speaker and NXP Smartphone amplifier.
Can your current device survive this test?

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7 thoughts on “Can Your Smartphone Survive This Drop Test?”

  1. Oga yomi i know this is not the right place for this but i need solution last month i unlock my spectranet MIFI so i can be able to use GLO 4G LTE on it and it work fine on it till now anytime am on the 4G network it bring no service pls i need ur help to fix it?

    Oga Prof my Iphone 7 plus can survive more than this ooo, because this your NONU cant last 1 Mins under water, because they give this phone nigeria padding, thats why you think the phone can survive, there are many test you can do to a phone not just dropping, if the phone drop inside water thats the END.


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