Are We Expecting Nokia 3310 4G LTE Variant?

It appears we are now expecting Nokia 3310 4G LTE edition. Nokia
is rumored to be releasing atleast two phones next months, Nokia 6 2018 edition
and Nokia 3310 4G model.

Nokia 3310 4G edition has passed through TENNA, Chinese
certification website and SIG (last week). TENAA revealed only the pictures of
the new model and it’s identical to the Nokia 3310 3G version that was
announced back in September. If you remember, the 3G version was around 13%
larger than the 2G model, featuring better spacing between buttons for an
improved typing experience. 
nokia 3310 4g coming soon

So it remains to be seen whether the 4G version gets another
increase in size. TENAA confirms 4G LTE network support and also reveals that
the phone will be powered by Alibaba’s YunOS platform.
The 3G variant of Nokia 3310 made a lot of sense and we are
expecting the 4G variant to even make more sense. The price is expected to be a
little bit higher than the 3G variant sold for $69.
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