Telegram for Android Now Supports Multiple Accounts

This is one of the latest surprises from Telegram to reinforce the festive
mood… by ushering in multiple account creation in 2018. I’m guessing something
more is coming.

The latest version Telegram 4.7 gives you the ability to create multiple
accounts on android. It supports up to three accounts with different phone
numbers. You can quickly switch between them on the side menu, but you’ll get
notifications for all of them regardless of which one’s active.

create multiple account on telegram

While the iOS app remains a step behind its Android sibling and still can’t
support multiple accounts; but don’t too worry, the company has something for Apple
users.  Telegram is finally giving you a
way to change what your app looks like under the new Appearance setting. The
iOS version now has several themes to choose from, including two dark
“night time” themes and a “day” theme with colors you can

Though it may not be too useful as having support for more than one account
but something might be coming for iOS users which we can’t guess at this

Finally, Telegram now supports quick replies on both mobile platforms. To use
them, just swipe left on any message in a chat.

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