Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp ban on Huawei Future Phones

While Google and other US companies have since exercised their veto power in compliance Trump administration ban on Huawei, Facebook has just fashioned out a way to deal with Huawei ban.

Facebook is getting ready to pull out its supports plug for future Huawei smartphones – Facebook going forward won’t allow Huawei to pre-install its apps on its smartphone. This means you won’t see any of Facebook-owned apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook’s main app pre-installed on any new Huawei phone out if the box.

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Huawei smartphones that are already in circulation are unlikely to be affected by Facebook’s decision, as they will continue to receive any and all updates delivered to the social networking and instant messaging apps. But Huawei phones that are not yet released and have not yet left factories are expected to come out as a virgin without the aforementioned services pre-loaded.

This is the more reason why Huawei should build its own Operating system and alternative to Google playstore from scratch. This battle seems not to be ending soon. Twitter might join the train but no word on that for now.

Google however, have warned the US Government about the risk of breach of security it will have for banning Huawei.

This is a big blow to the company’s dream of becoming the Number one phone maker by 2020.

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  1. China wont let you work in there country even if you marry a Chinese you are still not a citizen but they enjoy freedom everywhere.. way to go Trump


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