How I Got #800 Free Airtime From Mtn This Morning

Kudos to James and Igbokwe for this tweak. Though someone
sent me this yesterday but I got this all right this morning. But before I jump
into details, I want to inform us that if at all you lay your hands on any
tweak why not feel free to share it with the house instead of keeping it to
yourself or better still, mail it to me. As long as I am concern, I will always
give my tweaks out for free.
There are a whole lots of tweaks and remember that no tweak
last forever so let others equally benefits from what you are benefiting. I
remembered I shared with us how mtn pays me #570 every morning  for good 7Months and am glad a whole lots of
you benefited from it before it was stopped.
Anyway, I will quickly share with us how I got #800 this
morning by just sending my mothers

maiden name to a number.

How Can I Get #400 From Mtn
Send your mothers maiden name you use in registering your
mtn line to 799 e.g Rebecca to 799 and

immediately your line will be credited
with #400.

After like six minutes, send 01/01/1980 to the same number
799 and again it will be credited with another 400 making it #800. To check your balance, dial *559#
Try it out and enjoy what I am currently enjoying for the
weekend. Even my grandma self got her own #400
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10 thoughts on “How I Got #800 Free Airtime From Mtn This Morning”

  1. Yommiiii I love you. it worked like magic.. but na only #400 they gave me oooo.
    This is my first time of visiting you blog and i am quite impress. Tnks a million.

  2. If u re told dt u dnt av any pending request, then ua not eligible for dx promo..
    If u av sent ur mother's maiden name and av gotten 400 naira airtym.. U can also send the date of birth u used in registering your sim to 799. E.g 15/08/1993. U wil also get another 400 naira airtym. Cheers!

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