Rock Unlimited With Your Mtn Line

I know so many have been finding it difficult browsing on PC or any
other device since all network are not smiling at all. I personally have been
thinking on how to bypass restricted protocols in order to use vpn with bis
subscription but for now, it’s only YF that connects using DNS. UDP and ICMP
are still on hold pending till when telecom giant will be celebrating! Android users just have to take heart while the ultimate
search continues.

I don’t know if this is a tweak or what but I just
discovered that I have been able to surf the net on my MTN sim with just #100 box,
I really don’t understand what is happening but you can equally give it a try.
I have been rocking this tweak on pc since last night and its seems to be
unlimited on my Mtn sim.
This is the tweak:
==>Recharge your line with #100
==>Send 104 to 131 (by so doing, you are subscribing for
10m daily package)
==>Wait until you get confirmation that your 10mb is
==>Remove the sim from your phone and use it on your laptop or desktop,
iPad, Android or any other device.
Like I said, I don’t  know if this is a tweak, but I have used up-to 189mb. I’m still waiting for it to expire by 7pm
Don’t Do This
Never send 2 to 131 if not, it might stop surfing the net.
Give it a trial and enjoy it like me.
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16 thoughts on “Rock Unlimited With Your Mtn Line”

  1. TESTED OKAY…….i dey enjoy am now…….just dont download……surf only….you can start downloading after the expiry time is over…..People should follow instructions carefully before making negative comments. Yomiprof na u biko!

  2. Yomi this one works also the 15Mb all u a v to do is browse lil by lil n ensure u don't exhaust the 10 or 15mb in d first day. U can resume downloading or watever after 12am in d nite test it with 15mb u can download 2gig worth of files. Tested and confirm by prince

    ………………..ETISALAT STAFF!


    1. Get a New sim card and make sure it is registered. Warning:- don't use any old sim card you have use for any magic sim trick before, dont say I did not tell you
    2. Have a minimum balance of #6naira, you can make call till it gets to #6 or # 10 then.. Migrate to MTN PULSE by dialing *406#
    3. Set the date on ur phone to August, 15, 2005.
    4. After migration then subscribe 4 MTN 5MB Daily plan ..dial *406*1# THEN MTN GIVES YOU 5MB AND DEDUCTS JUST 5 NAIRA FROM YOUR PHONE AND IT ENDS AT 11:59PM. THEN CORRECT UR DATE. 5. After subscribing, browse wit ur phone for just 10mins and don't download any thing ooooh, just only browse… and when it 10mins just off your phone or remove your sim card
    6. Note this is very important when its 11:40pm on the time please start browsing and don't stop till 12:30am, MTN will not disconnect u even though your expire time is over try And download, if you think you will sleep off just open ur 2go down… Then after 1hr of browsing, switch OFF your phone nd Switch it ON. Then you're good to go.. Good luck wishes.. start browsing unlimited like me, No dulling ma frnd has been using it since sunday 1/9/2013 Thanks to Magicloaded Admins TESTED AND CONFIRMED 100% WORKING

  4. all those with comments lik i just wasted 100…he no dey work oo una sick….wish kynd discouraging comments b dat…he said try it he dint guarantee it. UNA B LEARNERSSS……yomi sef na unto airtel i swap go…for nw mtn shud rest….make i dey flex my airtel


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