Etisalat Latest Android Tweak

At this point in time, I don’t expect anybody to complain of
not been able to surf freely because I personally know of some people who have
downloaded heaven and earth because one of the largest telecommunication company
let loose of their server for unjustifiable reasons. Not long after that,
Airtel equally let loose of GB’s and some smart guys gallantly took advantage
of it by fetching  free Gb + like well…
Just take it easy ooo and don’t crash their database. 

Those reading through
only the Facebook comment box are missing a lot as there are more deals in
the main comment system.
Well, this tutorial is to compensate Android users whose sim
seems to be possessed with anything free. It’s an etisalat tweak though and you
will need to download opera handler and input the settings below inside your
opera handler
Goto Opera7.0,7.1handler
Front Query=
Proxy Server type
Choose Real Host=
Make sure you download opera mini  handler for android before you input those
settings above. Love you all!
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32 thoughts on “Etisalat Latest Android Tweak”

  1. I think if it can work on android phones without vpn then there is a way it can also work on laptop. Yomiprof any idea of the setting for etisalat pc?

  2. I kno ds is off topic but m jus a wounded fellow Wu is looking for any slight opportunity to run dwn mtn…imagyn mtn deducted all my 200 naira credit while downloading despite d fact i have 13mb on d wudnt av hurt me if dey deduct d money only but dey also deduct my mb as wel to like 3mb…i wonda y dey siphon me as such.. as if dat wasn't enough i subscribed for enhance pulse ds evny…dey deducted dia initial 5 naira charge…i was browsing wen i noticed dey deducted d remaining credit on my phone..almst 100naira

    • The reason why they are charging and at thesame time deducting your mb is because your data is on. So send DATA OFF to 131 and they will no longer charge your credit. Sorry about all the charges from mtn…

  3. Yomi! I'm really having problem browsing on pc! ever since Mtn blocked icmp on pdproxy …. Pls Which oda way can i use to browse on pc 4 Now ……

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