Permanent Ban – Whatsapp Started Rolling out Permanent Ban

It is no longer news that WhatsApp are being terrorize by
WhatsApp+ Plus as it gives you more opportunity to customize your WhatsApp to
your taste, bypasses the share limit of 16MB, hide you last seen features, and much
more customizable features.
Few months ago, WhatsApp started banning whatsapp+  and WhatsAppMD users for like 24 – 48hrs ban, somewhere
banned for 7 days before the anti-ban whatsapp came into play. Now it appears
whatsapp officials have taken the offensive measures by permanently banning
third party users.

This time around, I read they’ve started rolling out permanent ban but has not yet been verified.
The permanent ban means in practice that Whatsapp blacklists the banned phone
number. This also makes it impossible to activate and send messages using the
official Whatsapp-app.
Take precautionary measure before permanent ban get to you.
All I know is that, there will always be a way out. Meanwhile, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus V6.76 is available (Ban-proof) tested and trusted.
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7 thoughts on “Permanent Ban – Whatsapp Started Rolling out Permanent Ban”

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    • Don't uninstall it… No one has confirmed this yet… If you read the post well, it is not certain. Even Yomi self hasn't comfirm it.

      As a matter of fact, I am going to download the latest Whatsapp+… Normal Whatsapp sucks!

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