Ntel/Mtel to Begin Operations Fully in March, Will Create 4,000 Jobs

Finally NATCOM, the new pioneer of ntel who has been keeping us waiting since Novermber finally comes up with a word. Though we have been waiting for their 4G LTE Launch in Nigeria and alot of things seems to be keeping them from starting.

Well, according to what Punch reported, that NATCOM firm would offer 4G/LTE services to address 3G customers’ needs for mobile broadband services. Not just that but on launching, they’ll make available to the country 4,000 jobs.

This is a good news to me even though we’ve waited for ntel for a very long time. It’s worth the waith anyway.

Therefore, come March 2016, ntel will fully launch into Nigerian telecom industry. What doest thou.. do quickly.

If your phone is still wondering in hallows of 3G 2G, then you are not suppose to be reading this post.

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12 thoughts on “Ntel/Mtel to Begin Operations Fully in March, Will Create 4,000 Jobs”

  1. Why did you say FINALLY ?
    You for let them start first, we Nigeria dont ever learn from the past
    if they refuse to lunch again in March nko ?
    We dont need all the BIG announcement let them start first, MTN and ZAIN no make bigger noise before they role out there services

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