How is Android 6.0 Marshmallow Treating You…Good or Bad?

With every Android device upgrade to 6.0, the internet fills
up with hoards of angry people complaining bitterly about the downside of the
Marshmallow upgrade ranging from battery drainage, contacts disappearing etc.
and some are even willing to downgrade back to Android 5.1 while others choose
to remain and wait for a bug fix.

So many users are already rocking Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Is it everything you were expecting it to be? Fingerprint support, granular app
permissions, Android Pay, energy optimizations and Google Now on Tap are only a
few of the new features in the Marshmallow update.
One of the features I love so much about Android 6 Marshmallow
is the doze mode, which puts apps to sleep when it recognizes phone
inactivity for extended periods of time, hence saving massive amounts of
Those of you that have upgraded to Android 6. Marshmallow,
what are your experiences, good or bad? And those still stuck with Lollipop, or
Kitkat why haven’t you upgraded?
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27 thoughts on “How is Android 6.0 Marshmallow Treating You…Good or Bad?”

  1. Waiting for the Messiah (6.0) with my Galaxy S6, don't know why I've not gotten upgrade notification, not rooted, i did normal upgrade from 5.0.1to 5.1.1 when i got the notification.


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