How Many Hours Do You Spend on Your Smartphone Daily?

is a tough question to ask, I must admit because I didn’t know I spent 23days within a
year staring, glaring, pressing and tweaking my phone. According mobileinsurance, an
average person spent atleast 90min daily on his/her smartphone, that amounts up to 23 days a year and 3.9 years of the average
person’s life is spent staring at their phone screen.

know some of you spent more than that is why I want to ask you this question,
how much time do you spent daily on your smartphone?
you are still thinking and calculating the time you spend daily on your
smartphone, allow Quality time app to help you calculate the amount of time you
spend daily on your smartphone.
is a fun, visually engaging and easy-to-use Android app that allows you to
monitor and get real time reports on how much time you spend on your smartphone
and on your favorite apps. It will show you how many hours you spend on a
particular app daily.
can download it here to analyze your time usage. Now be sincere with yourself,
tell us how many hours do you spend on your smartphone daily? Perhaps if you
are good in mathematics, you can tell us how many months you spent on your
phone last year.
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11 thoughts on “How Many Hours Do You Spend on Your Smartphone Daily?”

  1. I Practically Live on my smartphone. joke apart. since am a blogger, if am not writing post with it am sharing posts or reading and gathering information. i only live outside it when its down.

  2. I spend atleast 8hours daily pressing my phone. I don't know how many years of my life I must have wasted pressing phone by time I'll be 29

  3. My battery never run down because staying a minute without checking the phone(except in church or special gathering) is something that cant be risk atall. I know that i do spend atleast 18hours per day on phone. Even, as am typing, i should be somewhere doing something right now. Well, let me put the phone aside right now and get to work.


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