Is Your Smartphone Hanging, Freezing or Lagging? See How to Fix it Here

Is your Android phone lagging, hanging or losing battery life too quickly, or is overheating often? Then you should be worried because it might have been hijacked by a virus or one of the problems below.

These symptoms may mean you’ve been an unfortunate victim of the following issues.

Android phone hanging
Android phone hanging Issues

Reasons Why Your Smartphone is Hanging

1. Low Ram: If your smartphone is running less than 2GB of Ram, you’ll experience freezing or hanging especially when you have more apps installed on the device.


Uninstall unused applications

Download lighter apps in cases like FB, Gmail, YouTube etc

2. Virus Attack: As long as you always download apps from unknown sources, there is this tendency to download a virus without you knowing. And one of the symptoms that you have download a virus is freezing, hanging or unnecessary pop up of ads.


Get a good anti-virus to clean your android smartphone

Secondly, if the problem persists after running a full scan, then you’ll be left with the options to factory reset your device.

3. Too Many Apps Installed: Smartphones tend to hang when too many applications are installed, which will lead to apps and processes running in the background. As a result, your RAM gets filled up, your processor begins to overwork itself, and finally problem sets in, in form of lagging and sometimes freezing.


>>Go through your smartphone and uninstall unused applications that you’ve not opened for long

>>Alternatively, you can try to freeze some of these apps if you don’t want to uninstall them using the app freezer.

4. Delete Temporary Junk Files:

Temporary files are simply files that were generated during runtime, they come as cache and log files from web browsers, the remains of uninstalled apps that were not completely uninstalled, gallery cache, duplicate files and many more.

It is advisable you clean up these files at intervals or once in every three days.


Most Android phone comes with app cleaners like phone master, or any other form of cleaner… Open the app cleaner installed on your phone, and click to clean up your device. If you can’t find any, you can download a cache cleaner from the play store to clean your device.

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