Download Videos/Music Without Data

I can see that Airtel is actually
losing out in the Data market because of their unreliable, infected Bis dataplan; no wonder advert has been popping out that says 30min internet with 30
naira on operamini. Anyway, that’s not my major reason for writing this post.

While enriching my information
bank, I stumbled on a post on Airtel Nigeria fbpage that says “Download Videos
Without Data”, and how was actually wondering how can you even access the net
without data talk more of downloading video without data. Well, they seem to be
telling the truth about it as there are different videos, music and so on on
that page. I believe afll video and music fan won’t like to be left out in this
because what you will see when you visit their page might quench your taste or
fuel your taste.

Some of the videos are been
charged for #5 while some #10. It has  different Nollywood, music etc. You can check
it out here. To get more info relating to this, dial *828#
To all Android BBM Users, I mean
those whose aim of using android phone is to make calls and bbm only, Mtn has a
new plan for you as seen below;
BBM Daily plan
1 day
BBM Weekly plan
7 days
BBM Monthly plan
30 days
You can check it out  but Mtn won’t see my break light in this.
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16 thoughts on “Download Videos/Music Without Data

  1. Tnx for d info..wats d amt of dose bbm android plan..and again,will d bbm work wt a normal data plan back if one opt out of ds ones abv. Tnx once mor

    • its' a kind of ridiculous webpass advertisement that always pop up on opera. if you have opera on your mobile, you'll see the advert from them.

  2. please I need your help in creating my blog. I have gotten the blog for the past few years but I dont to to make it look like other blogs(maybe it's template settings). how can you help me to redesign it?

  3. May i ask about affiliate marketing through automated padays(slimming). Is it working and i need details and traffic help pls prof. I tried once and fail.

    • Hello Friend, it's obvious that for days i've been seeing your comment but an oversight avoiding it. I love your courage and i'm really sorry for not replying you so early.

      First of all, Automated Pay Day is a scam. I've taken my time to read some reviews online deeply and i discovered that it is a site own by Jamie Shaw; always using thesame old story of a mum and recommending his package to others.

      I'll therefore urge you not to involve in this. However, there are different legit ways of making money online via affilliate marketing. I'm going to write a post about it tomorrow.

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