Unfortunately, So Many Users are still on Android 4.4 Kitkat… Why?

Unfortunately, so many Android users are still stuck on
KitKat and are not planning to leave Android 4.4 kitkat soon. Some even vow to
stay with Android 5.0 lollipop for life and I don’t know there reasons for
that.  The funniest aspect of it is that
some people don’t even care about the OS version they run, their own is just to
make sure that their devices turn on every single day, facebook, whatsapp and
take selfie.

In as much as some users wish to upgrade to the latest
version but are unable to due to the facts that some OEM devices are too
epileptic to run the new operating system.

Android just released the latest statistics regarding the operating
system’s version distribution,  you can
see from the table that Android 7.0 has not been listed; as you can see, Android
Marshmallow is achieving a record of 18.7%, Android Lollipop still remain the
chief with a record of 35%, KitKat remains surprisingly strong at 27.7%, and
Froyo is finally vanishing into thin air with approximately 0.1% share. 
Why are you still hanging around Android Kitkat, and Lollipop?
Atleast you can upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Or should we now blame the
OEM that doesn’t care about updating the old models of their devices? 
Tell us your reasons why you are still stuck on the old
operating system.

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28 thoughts on “Unfortunately, So Many Users are still on Android 4.4 Kitkat… Why?”

    • I use Gionee P5w too at the moment. There's no upgrade for it via phone. I have also tried via OTA using laptop.But no success story yet.
      Let's hope with time there'll be a push. Besides I'm even contented with my lollipop ice cream *wink

  1. well I use a Samsung Galaxy s5 ever since I updated to lollipop and then marshmallow its bn a problem screen flickers all the time wn I press lock screen button most especially at low brightness… It doesn't do so although wen the phone is on kitkat.. Can u help me sir?

  2. The least android os for most phones produced in 2013, 2014 and early 2015 is kitkat and the most manufacturers of this phones did not make provision for upgrades especially the new generation phones that are flooding our market e.g the tecno, infinix, innjoo e.t.c. instead of making updates for such phones, they preferred to make another version of the same phone carry lollipop rom as its least rom. Most of all this new generation phone manufacturers can not still handle the OTA updates, so the choose to make another version of such phone.

  3. I'm using LG G2 and I think it's branded… AT&T so theres no update yet, took it to a phone shop and the guy was just doing anyhow.

    I'm thinking of dishing the phone just that buhari no let me get money.

  4. Prof u are d reason oo we the KitKat Users Association(KUA) are still stuck bcos u never give us any alternative since Gionee abandoned my Gionee P6 i can't take any other step until i hear from d prof himself….pls come to our rescue oo..in prof we trust


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