My Thought on Best Data Plans for Android, iPhones & PC Devices in May 2017

Yes we always anticipate for this because data is life just
like the way water is life.
Glo was cussed out for reducing their data  on each of the plans and its been blamed on
NCC strict rules; but mind you, Nigerians are not happy with Glo reducing their
plans despite the facts that subscribers are managing the network… in terms of
speed, I’m sure you know where to rate Glo.

However, Glo said if you auto renew your plans at expiry or
you renew it 3 days before expiry, you’ll get the normal expected plans. i.e,
Instead of getting the new reduced plans of 1600MB for
N1000, 5GB for N2500, you get 3.2GB for N1000 and 10GB for N2500 respectively.
Dial *777# to opt in.
Airtel NG: We subscribers are still anticipating to sight
the first ever Airtel 4G LTE visible on our mobile device, all we’ve been
hearing all this while is “we are going to do…” Airtel we need action in this
area because it’s long overdue. The world Telco is already talking about 5G
network and Airtel is still hanged on 3.5G.
Airtel 20x Recharge offer is Bae: I guess by now a lot of
you are rocking this offer on your redundant Airtel sim. This recharge offers
promise you 20x extra bonus on any amount you recharge e.g N100 recharge gives
you N2000 bonus airtime to last you for 30 days. See more info here
Airtel Data Plans: So far so good, Airtel SmartTrybe is
still the best for all Airtel users because the repackaged Smart Trybe gives 11k/sec
rate to all networks in Nigeria and cheapest cost of data bundle.
It comes with 3 Exclusive packages which includes;

» Trybe Special Data: cheap data bundle and call rates which gives 
you 1GB of data for N500 and it will last you for one week (7 days).
» Trybe Night Browsing:  You can get 500MB data for N25(12:00am –
5:00am),1.5GB for N200 (12:00am-5am), and the good aspect is that you can
subscribe over and over again.
» Trybe Weekend:  Airtel  SmartTryBe Weekend customers enjoy
250 MB with free 30Min calls to all Airtel numbers for just N200.

How Can I Opt-in?
Dial *312# to opt in for this package.
If you are a heavy downloader or heavy internet user, you can simply
utilize this package.

Etisalat Free Basic: Not a lot of people are utilizing this
etisalat basics probably because you’ve got spare data or you don’t know about
this. Etisalat free basics allow you to surf some sites free of charge without
any data charge. Sites like Facebook, FB messenger, Supersports,,
Nairaland, Jobberman
and lots of other websites for free on Freebasics.
To begin,visit and you are good to go.
MTN Data Plans: MTN double data offer is still rocking but
to get this done, you either get a new device or tweak your IMEI number and it
will look as if you just bought a new device. 
Tweak this IMEI number 3545540722782.
Don’t know how to tweak imei? Check how here.
Once you’ve successfully tweak your imei, your device will
be eligible for the offer. Just subscribe by dialing *131#, choose your preferred plan and you’ll get double of the offer.
However, if you don’t need this, just subscribe normally.
For Normal users, you can go with trusted third party seller
because theirs are cheaper and can last you for upto 3 months.
You get
2GB for N1000
4GB for N2000
5GB for N2500
10GB for N4500
All data are valid for 3months
Contact this dude 08135492059 on whatsapp or via call. He is trusted!
For Heavy internet Users
Instead of banking on all the small data offer above, you
can do yourself some help and get a Mifi and subscribe for unlimited data plan

Ntel offers you the below;
Smartphone Unlimited Monthly:  N12,500. 30-day validity   
Smartphone Unlimited Weekly:  N3,750. 7-day validity    
Smartphone Unlimited Lite: N1,500 weekly. 2-day validity
While SMILE offers you unlimited for N10,000.
I use InterC and it serves me well… though on the high side.
So I’ll be giving out MTN data to readers and users here…
R&B Music & Dammy Alex 4GB each of data and 6 other persons which
includes  the 5th 10th
15th 20th 30th 39th
to comment on
this post using their normal Google ID. Don’t forget to drop your phone number
you want to receive your data.

Update of Winners
okunnuwa omoniyi 08166735686
K-Micheal 07039448250
His RolTendanezII (send your nu)
Lawal Adamu 08068787494
Mike Polo (send your number)

R&B 08020686848
Ibegulem Joshua 08064859600 

Note: Mike and HisRoITendanezII send your number before 6PM today otherwise I’ll send to the numbers that follows you. 

Happy New Month guys!
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73 thoughts on “My Thought on Best Data Plans for Android, iPhones & PC Devices in May 2017”

  1. The last time I try the MTN double date they only gave the SIM card 20% data bonus, can you please verify and confirm if it's still working with 100% data bonus

    Thanks man

  2. Good Morning everyone, Congratulations to the winners. I skipped numbers with anonymous comment to the next one. So if your didn't receive, next time you'll recieve.

    I sincerely everyone of you. Kindly confirm once you receive your data.

  3. Wow prof……I received 2gb from you when I needed it most…….you are truly a saint living among human……I called the number and he said that you even paid for they data…

  4. Wow prof……I received 2gb from you when I needed it most…….you are truly a saint living among human……I called the number and he said that you even paid for they data…


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