You Can Now Get 12Months Warranty on Your Innjoo Device + 3Months Free Swap

To all InnJoo users, you now have a 12months warranty for
your InnJoo device and 3months free swap back if at all anything happen to your InnJoo
device from Jumia. I think this is getting better every  day with InnJoo. What I don’t really
understand now is, how strong is the foundation of all Chinko device as more
chinko device are coming to Africa most especially Nigeria?

Just of recent, another Chinko called Wiko launched their
brand in Nigeria and other African countries, putting other brands at stake
like Samsung, Tecno and the rest.  This
Chinko Wiko device has a very good looking interface, Gorilla glass, and runs
on 4.4 KitKat Android Os. You can view a preview of their smartphone below
The question now is how reliable is this product?  I haven’t used it before but seen some of
their products in Mobile stores though. Not just that but got this info from an
insider that Infinix Mobile will unleash another device hopefully before the
year runs out… Just waiting to see what they have to offer this time around.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to always back up your Android device
with CWM should in case something happen to it; you won’t have anything to
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  1. Sir YomiProf, please I'm a great fan of your works, I love you so much. I don't know much about computers & phones but with all my heart, I will do a lot for you. Sir, My heart skips for you. I love you a lot. Bye

  2. Yomi pls help me wit any 3rd pati data guy DAT is not scam for both MTN n ETISALAT I need der contacts pls especially Etisalat data


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